We believe we can fly!

You believe we can fly!
Crowd funding campaign Maastricht Airlines completed successfully

Maastricht, 19 July 2013 – The crowd funding campaign ‘We believe we can fly’, that was started by the staff to support the bankrupt airline has been completed successfully.

The results of ‘We believe we can fly’
Overall about 350 people participated in this campaign, this resulted in a total amount of €25.000,-. During the campaign the website of the airline has been visited 5.600 times by 4.600 unique visitors. 62.5% of the visitors is located in the Netherlands, while 14% came from Germany and 6% from Belgium. 70% of these unique people were first time visitors. The campaign has also been a hot topic on Facebook as the campaign resulted in 146.000 impressions by 47.000 unique people. This clearly shows that the region is still interested in Maastricht Airlines’ activities. More important, two potential investors have reported their interest in a take-over as a result of this campaign.

Future Maastricht Airlines
Curator J.J.M.C. Huppertz (Paulussen Advocaten) is evaluating the future of Maastricht Airlines. A restart is still not ruled out. Since the declaration of the bankruptcy of Maastricht Airlines on the 4th of June, we have had meetings with various interested parties. Among them are a few very interested candidates, the meetings with these parties are still ongoing. Moreover new potential investors are still reporting their interest. I dare not to say whether we will actually achieve a restart, but I have a good feeling about Maastricht Airlines’ comments the curator.