We believe we can fly!

We believe we can fly - you too!

'We believe we can fly' campaign succesful

With the approval and support of curator Mr. John Huppertz (Paulussen Advocaten) we, the Maastricht Airlines' staff, recently launched the 'We believe we can fly' campaign. Through this campaign we still tried to restart operating soon. With participants from inside as well as outside the Netherlands, we feel very supported by our target group. We will update you about the results soon.

Trust in restart

Mr. Huppertz is currently examining the future of Maastricht Airlines and is optimistic about the opportunities and possibilities. "Given the demand that I observe in the market for such an airline, I can confirm that the business plan of Maastricht Airlines is feasible. Several calculations on my part have also strengthened my belief that a restart of the company is not ruled out" comments the curator.

We will keep you posted!

Kind regards,

Team Maastricht Airlines